The Drive for Innovation

Understanding the urgency for transformation in Canada’s forest sector, FPInnovations will implement an innovation process to facilitate the creation of new value for our program partners and customers. FPInnovations will look outside the forest sector at how other sectors manage innovation, and will identify successful innovation practices that can be adapted. Stakeholders will be engaged in the innovation process, and systematic steps will be put in place to ensure that the right needs are identified and that creative solutions and new ideas are not only identified but managed effectively through appropriate evaluation, development and implementation stages.

Where applicable this initiative will build on FPInnovations Flagship Innovation Programs underway at a national level, including: value chain optimization, building and living with wood, next generation pulp and papers, precision forestry, and bioenergy, chemicals and advanced bioproducts.

FPInnovations will seek to engage the broader research community (especially in BC) and, where applicable, to partner at an early stage with BC and Canadian equipment suppliers in the innovation and development of technology for the BC Coastal forest sector.



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