Guiding Principles - fpinnovations

  • FPInnovations engages all the appropriate stakeholders in the delivery of the program to ensure different perspectives are considered in arriving at solutions. FPInnovations respects all proprietary and/or confidential information received and keeps this in the strictest confidence for the benefit of the owner of the information.
  • FPInnovations is responsible for developing specific strategy options and the research program. The program will include pilot/demonstration projects to verify the business cases and priority opportunities identified by the Steering Committee.
  • FPInnovations will leverage the BC investment with innovation investments from other sources (e.g., federal, other provinces, industry)
  • FPInnovations directs and manages the different investments in a financially accountable way while maximizing integration opportunities from internal and external synergies.
  • FPInnovations directs a portion of the BC investment to engage the broader research community (especially in BC). Collaborations will be developed strategically to take advantage of expertise/knowledge of the external research group and will be linked to education and training opportunities. External contribution must fit with the overall strategy and direction of the program. Best practices from the relationship developed between FPInnovations’ Paprican Division and the Paper Canadian University Network will be used as much as possible.
  • FPInnovations will engage with BC and Canadian equipment suppliers in the innovation and development of technology for the BC Coast forest sector.



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