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harvesting and conversion program

Barriers and Opportunities in Lumber Conversion (March 2008)

Resource Conversion Valuation Tools (March 2008)

Present Utilization and Outlook of BC Hem-fir for Composite Products - Literature Review (March 2008)

Benefits of Including Surface Defect Detection in Edger and Trimmer Optimization of BC Coastal Sawmills (February 2009)

Best Practices and Technologies in South America and Recommendations from the BC Coastal Industry (June 2009)

Technote: BC Coast Moisture Sorting Trial (September 2009)

Barriers and Opportunities to Improved Efficiency of Fibre Delivery (November 2009)

Sample Load Scaling (December 2009)

Accuracy of Onboard Weigh Scales (January 2010)

Variability in Tare Weights (March 2010)

Log Worth User Manual (September 2010) - available upon request

Using Onboard Weigh Scales to Ensure Consistent Load Sizes when Simple Sampling (March 2011)

Comparison Between Rolling Average and As-Measured Tare Weights for Logging Trucks (March 2011)

Evaluate the Costs and Benefits of Water Transportation Versus Truck-based Transportation Logs on the BC Coast (August 2011)

Accuracy of Onboard Weigh Scales Assessed Over a Five Month Period (September 2011)

A Comparison of Laser Scanned Log Dimensions and Volume to Manal Scaed Dimension and Volume (August 2012)

Effects of Season on the Moisture Content of Roadside Harvesting Debris in Coastal British Columbia (March 2013)

Comparison of Log Dimensions from a Laser Scanner to Dimensions from Manual Scaling (March 2013)

Challenges to Implement Scanner Scaling in British Columbia (March 2013)



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